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We Care

Start Periods:

We normally aim to start packages within a day of acceptance, unless there are major issues preventing commencement. We also work towards ensuring that all necessary paperwork and assessments are completed within 1 week of acceptance of care package


We have a team of highly skilled trainers to ensure that all staff are fully and regularly equipped to deal with any and every situation that may arise.

Our Carers

We have very high standards set, during our selection process, and are keen to select only people with a passion to care and match our carers skills, abilities and personalities with those of our service users, in order to ensure they are relaxed from the onset.


We train all carers and provide all necessary details needed on a daily basis for our clients wellbeing and safety, and do regular unannounced checks to ensure that things are done in the most appropriate manner. They are also trained to identify issues that require specialist attention such as GP, district nurses, emergency services, or even the chiropodists, etc.

Queries & Complaints

Each client is provided with a Care Coordinator/ Manager, who would handle all necessary queries and complaints in the most effective & efficient of manners. Please do not hesitate to contact them at any point necessary. Their details would be provided during our sign up process.